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Sensational Spaces

Crafting Functional, Calm, & Beautiful Environments Tailored to

Neurodiverse Individuals



Our E-Design service is the solution for anyone who wants to create a magical space for their kids. Our digital design plan includes a thoughtful layout, sensory-rich furniture and equipment, and beautiful color schemes that will make you and your kids happy. With our help, you can transform any room into a playroom that will inspire creativity and spark imagination

Full Service Design

Transform your space into a magical and immersive space with our Full Service, Bespoke Design service. At our design studio, we work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind space that everyone will love. We handle everything from measuring the space, designing the room, and overseeing the entire project management with licensed contractors. Collaborate with us and let's bring your vision to life!


Our expert team at Sensational Spaces offers fully customizable Space Consulting Services, tailored to your unique needs. We provide hourly flat rate consultations to assist with project prioritization, problem-solving, and thought organization. Brainstorm with us to address questions, concerns, project ideas, and equipment suggestions. Let us help you make the most of your play space, and create an environment that your children will love.

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Our Approach

At Sensational Spaces, we are a unique venture that merges the expertise of occupational therapy and neuroscience with the artistry of interior design to craft functional, serene - and beautiful! - environments tailored to individuals with neurodiversity.


We believe that every individual deserves a safe, comfortable, and beautiful space that supports their unique needs and abilities. Our approach is informed by the latest research and best practices in the fields of occupational therapy, neuroscience, and interior design.

What Our Clients Say

“Amanda and her team at Sensational Spaces did an amazing job designing & installing a space in our house for my daughter with sensory processing difficulties and autism. The space is functional, beautiful, & tailored to my child's unique needs. We have seen so much growth & more regulation since having this space.”

- Houston's mom

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